Friday, June 8, 2018

Make your Events Eco-friendly

Organizing environment friendly events can make a huge difference in promoting a sustainable living. The event organizers will have to strictly minimize the usage of water, energy resources, waste production and most importantly greenhouse gas emissions. It will definitely limit the negative impacts on biodiversity. A well planned green event will not only minimize negative impacts on the environment but also increase the economic and social benefits relating to event planning. This will definitely inspire the sponsors and attendees to become genuinely eco-conscious throughout their business and create a position in an environmentally responsible community and sustainable society. 
Green events have started to gain momentum over the past few years. Conference and convention planners are looking out for more and more creative ways to reduce their event impact on environmental. Many event organizers are becoming more responsible and recognizing that events can play a positive role by adopting a low-carbon or even a carbon neutral strategy. Making your events eco-friendly will soon become priority and there are so many ways to do so. 

1. Go digital, stay paperless 

Avoid paper flyer, invites, or handouts when promoting your eco-friendly event. Use apps, QR codes, and websites to save paper.  They save paper, ink, solvents, energy and time.   

2. Reduce Transportation

Planning transportation options for your eco-friendly event is a great way to encourage attendee participation and may even result in increased marketing. Organize carpooling or shuttle services from places like hotels, airports, train and/or bus stations and the event itself.

3. Go local

Serve local food and beverages to decrease your carbon footprint. Going local also helps the economy by keeping money within the community. 

4. Eco-friendly venue

Choose venues with green practices. Make sure to choose a spot that your guests can get to easily, and encourage them to leave their cars behind.  

If you can implement some of the above mentioned key points, you can enjoy your event with a feel good factor and a green conscience. Going a little bit green is better than not all, because every thoughtful action helps our environment. If you’re planning your event eco-friendly, contact the top event management companies in Kerala, Fonix Events to experience an unforgettable event.


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