Monday, May 5, 2014

Event Management Companies in Cochin

As a wedding planner the first three questions I usually ask someone when they contact me is when they want to get married, how many guests they would like to have, and what their wedding budget is. People are always happy to answer the first two questions but somehow many people find the budget question offensive and invasive.In researching this online, I was horrified to find message boards where brides were telling each other that they ask your budget because they want to “milk you for all you’re worth” and that it’s “none of their business”, or that it is a “red flag” if someone asks this right off because they are only concerned about money.

I can’t speak for ALL, this could not be further from the truth. Just like asking date and number of guests, I ask this question to determine whether the idea your picturing in your mind is supported by your budget. And to show you what the reality is, and the full limit of it. My rates are clearly posted on my website and they do not change according to someone’s budget, but having done this many times I know how much money it takes to throw a complete wedding here. I would much rather share this information up front, and recommend a more appropriate measure if necessary, than waste their time and mine.
Of course you will spend more on some things than you expected to and maybe will need to trim other areas to balance it out, but you don’t want to start your marriage out in debt because you threw a wedding you couldn't afford. The important thing is that you are marrying the man (or woman) you want to spend the rest of your life with. Everything else on your wedding day is just an accessory!