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Event management teams are behind most of the functions today. They plan and execute the needs as per the customer choice with all responsibilities. Event management is an omnipresent word in modern society, this word we used for small business functions to large event festivals and also for big international sport event shows. We all have an idea about what is an event? Yeah, it’s nothing but a workplace for some and a respite activity for others. But Event management is the crucial thing so that we have to give more focus on it. A new year is well upon us; one more enormous year of event planning arrives. Each and every event has a beginning and an end, and also every event is different from the other events which already organized. Planning and execution of an event are the main part of the event management. A well organized and safe event develops through a procedure of careful planning. The complexity of event planners is maintaining the good records of planning, evaluation and implementation.

Yeah, it’s December! Coming 25th is my wedding day, the most precious day in my life. Am so excited!!  Already I explained the importance of event management in our society. When I was thinking about my marriage first my thought goes to FONIX EVENTS. They are the best event planners in Kochi. When I was going through their website gallery, found so many images of some of the events they handled. When I saw that images am getting impressed and pleased about their works. The main attractions of them are their services, the main services of Fonix Events are corporate events, Theme parties, Visual merchandising, they handle these services in multiple types.

The main catchy thing of Fonix events is they have a separate wing for the wedding itself i.e. AJD Weddings. I can easily plan my wedding through the AJD wedding website. Ajd weddings tagline is Dream Weddings…It’s All about Location! Yeah, we all give importance to the wedding location. The modern trend wedding ideas are our passion. AJD weddings organize different types of weddings they are Palace, Fort Weddings, Adventure weddings (jungle/wildlife, river rafting, Vineyard weddings, Scuba diving, Ski weddings,  and Bungee jumping), Nature weddings (Beach, backwater, Mountain, Island),  farm house weddings, cruise weddings, hotel & resort weddings. So we can easily choose any one type of wedding and simply plan our wedding without any confusion !!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Now a days Event management become one of the new trends. Not only it is a simple task but also it is a complex art form. For a successful event management first of all we need a good planning. Event planning industries and their trends constantly get changed day by day. As an event planner we must know about the new trends in the industry then only we can provide the most delightful event to our clients. Event management is fully deals with the creativity and excellent skills of the craftsman. Fonix events become the best event management company in Kochi. When we take an event to manipulate, our events become the best event with full of fun and full of stylishness, which will remain in your minds forever. Fonix grew into a challenging name providing outstanding event management services. The event industry is especially exciting one, so each year Fonix check for the new and innovative event trends and takes full effort to execute the new trends in event managements and make it successful. 

Attending an event should be very fun for all of us. The peoples who came to attending event functions should not have to worry about their safety. Event planners however will need awareness about safety and security measures; one of the best motto follows by Fonix was “Hope for the Best, but plan for the worst.” According the event planning, each event will have a different set of challenges, for that we just take over all the safety measures for each event according with the scenario. When you guys plan about an event with Fonix there is no worry to thinking about the safety of the occasion and safety of the guests.

The main services provided by Fonix events are Corporate Events, Theme Parties and Visual Merchandising. One of the main focuses of Fonix events are in wedding arrangements, for new innovative wedding arrangements we have a separate wing that is AJD Weddings. AJD wedding has 30 years of experience in the wedding market. For wedding functions we choose the best destinations in India according with the clients demands. We plan elegant, glamorous, stylish wedding planners for our clients. Our founder A.J.David is a brilliant wedding planner. AJD wedding is one of a kind wedding planner which stands out from the others. The main attraction of our company is systematic luxury planning and design service. The main goal and philosophy of our company is very simple which is to help our clients to plan and make their event an ever memorable one which beyond their expectations. AJD wedding make sure that your celebration is quite ecstatic and guarantees that your guests and you will be overwhelmed with grace and joy.   

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Stage Decoration & Event Management

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House Of Johnson Inauguration - Isha Talwar

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Make your event extra ordinary by Fonix Events
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Fonix was established with an idea to make every moments in your life gorgeous and memorable. Fonix now conducts a diversity of events like outdoor festivals, Private Parties, Premiere live entertainments, Conferences, Seminars, Product launches, Promotions, and Weddings.

Fonix provides the different type of events  services and they are :

 Corporate events

Make every event unique whether it is a dealers meet or press conference. With our handcraft works you will pride to showcase it to the world. Fonix experienced in conducting dealers meet, award meets, opening ceremonies and car launches,  sports events and press conferences, BTL and ATL marketing, incentive travels etc.

 Theme parties

We know that you are ready to rock on dance floors, so we are ready to blow your mind with heart pumping songs and best DJs. We are the one stop shop for ultimate partying with mesmerizing themes like Indian Bollywood, black and white, Arabian nights, carnival and many more...

 Visual merchandising

Visual merchandisers are a 3d model design studio for retailers, events, exhibitions and environmental experiences.  Retailers and exhibition can attract others to them by a perfect display window, so we are offering it with a verity of themes like Seasonal /Festival themes,  Color themes,  Odd holiday themes.
Above of all events, wedding have a great role in everyone life and all are wish to make it an unforgettable moment in their life...


Wedding are happen in heaven, we are just handling it. Fonix  have the experience  over 30 years in wedding  planning, we will ensure that your special day have a magical touch. You can choose from different themes  like palace, fort weddings, nature weddings, adventure wedding and farmhouse wedding etc.  Wedding  become stylish and amazing when it combined with spectacular locations. We have arranged a collection of location that will confuse to select.

In more depth details

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Take A Look  | Top Wedding Planner In Kerala - Fonix Events

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Make Your Own Wedding Colour Scheme.. | 
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Fonix Events : Make every event an extravaganza
Creating elegant functions is not a cakewalk! It demands seemless effort .We, Fonix events beautifully crafts every event with the touch of elegance that makes it an unfading memory in your mind.Corporate events, theme parties and visual merchandizing are our services brought to you.Corporate events such as dealers meet, award meets, car launches, inauguration ceremonies, product launches ,sports events and corporate videos are made on International standard.Theme parties conducted are at its epic with  grant theme oriented settings.Visual merchandising includes a full range of services from conceptual design,consultancy,project management,production and installation.

Wedding events: AJD Weddings
Presence of perfect wedding planner, will ofcourse turn around way you experience your wedding day. AJD Weddings under the guidance of Mr A J David, posses a formidable position in this niche. He with his eye for detail and great experience , makes every event a unique one. Outstanding events are brought out each time with world class standard.

Dream weddings
Weddings can be made into an exotic one, when the locations selected for this occasion becomes extraordinary.AJD weddings exspertize this.Different wedding patterns like palace wedding, nature wedding,adventure wedding, farmhouse weddings,cruise weddings,and hotel & resort weddings are keenly designed and conducted bespoke.

Plan your wedding
Anxious about organize a wedding?Get AJD wedding service.Just send all the details  of your dream wedding to  AJD .Our wedding planning includes each and every element required to conduct the ceremony as you dreamt.We helps you to make arrangements perfectly without any single thing left out.Come, lets make your dream a reality.We are close-at-hand.

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Wedding Stage Decoration by Fonix Events | 
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An awesome wedding arrangement : Fonixevents
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*** Happy Diwali ***
May the light of diwali fill your home with light of joy and happiness. On this great day we wish you a Happy Dewali

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Jaguar XF Display Model - Fonix Events | 
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Benz: Top corporate event moments

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Unique & Lovely Arch Decoration - Fonix Events | 
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Joyalukkas Showroom Inaugration..Conducted by Fonixevents 

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Stunning Stage Decor | By Fonix Events 

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Top Event Planner in Kerala - Fonix Events

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Audi Product Launch Meeting - Event Managed By Fonix Events

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Audi Kochi Showroom - Event Managed By Fonix Events

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Honda City Product Launch, Event By Fonix Events

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Fonix Events - Indian Luxury Wedding Planner 
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Happy Eid Mubarak. Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Eid !!!

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Top Visual Merchandising by Fonix Events

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Visual Merchandising Arrangement by Fonix Events
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Fonix Theme Parties 

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Visual Merchandising - Window Designs | Fonix Events

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