Friday, April 27, 2018

Latest Trends in Wedding stage decoration

As we all know the wedding stage will be the major focus of all the invited guests for the majority of the wedding’s proceedings in an Indian wedding. Stage decoration in usually given prime importance in a wedding because the stage is the designated area where the rituals of the marriage takes place and two souls unite here. The theme of your wedding should reflect in your costumes, food and also décor. The stage décor plays a pivotal role in setting the mood for a big fat Indian wedding. Latest trends in wedding stage decoration are as follows:

Candles and lights brighten up all kinds of events and would definitely illuminate your wedding decorations. Nowadays we have electric candles and lights which will definitely reduce the kind of strain in lighting up the candles and any other kind of mishap. By decorating the stage with lights you are creating an impression that should last for a lifetime. You can either arrange the candles at the entrances or even create an alluring aisle of lights for the bride. The lights can also be hung around the wedding stage giving a charismatic look for the stage.

Flowers can be used for all occasions especially weddings. The vintage outlook with flowers will definitely give an appealing makeover to your stage decoration. Different flowers give different themes and every combination brings about a unique style. Always make sure to choose flowers that match the entire theme of the wedding. Flowers can change the entire ambiance of the wedding when decorated marvelously from the entrance till the wedding stage. Flowers are certainly the best option for a wedding decoration as they depict purity, beauty and give a lively look to the entire wedding stage.

Pick papers are extensively used to create stunning designs and spill ravishing ideas. Starting from paper lanterns to Japanese paper origami, the paper gives a plethora of options to choose from. Looking for an inexpensive budget with an extravagant look, then this is the best choice. Create a big bouquet of flowers and leave people amazed at its creation and beauty.

Wedding dress pattern for Grooms

In every Indian big fat wedding bride steals the show with their elegant and sparkling bridal attire. The brides wear one of the most unique and latest wedding dresses. Why should the grooms stay back? The groom should stand out as the man of the day. The wedding dresses for the groom should not be brought in a hurry. Even though there are only few options for men’s fashion when compared to women, decide from the available selections. Even the most expensive groom dress will not work its magic if the groom’s appearance is not up to the mark. Let’s quickly find out some of the stylish dress patterns for grooms.

Sherwani is definitely the first choice of dress for every Indian groom. It usually comes in different variety of designs and patterns and best suits with a traditional, embroidered shoe.

Jodhpuri Suit is the traditional Indian version of the western suit. It comprises of an embroidered coat, a shirt and trousers.

Rich embroidered kurta with loose fitting pyjamas coupled up with a stole is definitely a great way to go about the wedding rituals with ease and comfort.

For people who prefer a bit traditional outfit Indian dhoti is a great way to connect with their roots. Dhoti and Kurta look very elegant but one need to be very graceful while handling and moving around in it.

If it is an evening wedding nothing can match the beauty and charm of an Evening coat. The perfectly tailored black suit, white crisp shirt, a formal tie, snug fitting trousers and impeccably polished boots can unnerve any bride during the ceremony itself.

Black tie ensemble will look exceptional for evening wedding and for the reception later. Just a simple change of coat or tie will do the trick. Great option when one is on a budget.
7) Tuxedo

Tuxedos are becoming increasingly popular as groom’s wedding attire. They look classic and stylish and make him feel at ease during the ceremony. Just make sure that it gels well with the Bride’s attire

Whether your wedding is in the morning, afternoon or evening, dinner jackets do the trick all times of the day.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

How to plan a Birthday Party?

Planning a Birthday party is both fun and stressful. Celebrating ones birthday is definitely a special event that is meant to be shared with your dear ones. It's really great when people honor your birthday by sharing the day with you. A typical birthday party consists of family and friends along with dinner, games, music and much more. Because these life events occur only once a year, there is a certain amount of pressure on the host to deliver a memorable event. It is definitely a chance to become creative if you're planning someone's milestone birthday party.
It's so easy to choose gifts for kids. They're always telling you about their latest interests and showing you their latest collection or creation. Adults, on the other hand, do nothing but work. There are many fun things you can get for a grownup birthday gift too. You just have to take a few extra minutes to think about it. The birthday gift is basically the surprise element of your birthday party.  Hosting a get together isn't difficult once you have organized the details. It's getting to that point and making sure you know what needs to be done at the right time to present the events in a successful manner.
v  Choose the date: The ideal day to organize a party will definitely be over the weekend. This will ensure that all your guests will be available. You can either decide to pick the weekend before or after your actual birthday to celebrate your birthday.
v  Spotting a venue: If the party involves only close friends and family, it’s better to host the party at home. If it’s a formal party where more guests are taking part, it’s better to book a restaurant or hotel to organize the party successfully.
v  Creating guest list: Before sending invitations for the party, decide on whom all you’re going to invite for the party and make a list so that you won’t forget anyone.
v  Birthday invitations: Soon after the venue and date are set for the party, send out your birthday party invitations to the guests.
v  Party budget: Try to minimize the expenses by carrying out a proper budget plan before starting your birthday party.
v  Food: The most popular and easiest method of serving food is a buffet while you’re having the party at home or a restaurant. It reduces the expenses to a great extent. Don’t forget to serve snacks to guests while waiting for the dinner to be served. 
v  Decorations: Always organize birthday parties with a theme. The party decorations can be easily done suiting the selected theme.  
v  Favors:  Plan to provide birthday party favors to your invited guests based on your party theme.
v  Games & Entertainment: In order to engage the gathered guests some activities and games needs to be organized. Music and activities related to the theme can be used to entertain the guests.