Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Destination Wedding at Kumarakaom

Destinationwedding is a developing concept and Kerala is a strong competitor to any International destinations. Well known for its most fascinating back waters, hill stations and cultural versatility the state holds much to see and experience for the destination wedding travelers from all parts of the country. Kerala is thus considered as the natural choice for destination wedding nowadays. Kumarakom is an earthy paradise apt for nature-loving destination travellers. A blooming area filled with coconut trees and waterways. The soft breeze, palms and tender coconuts render a richly Kerala-style charm to destination wedding travellers. The stunning beauties of Kumarakom will bring out your sweet marriage imagination with the heavenly theme offered by the nature. 

Kannada Wedding Rituals

Weddings in Karnataka are the magnificent concoction of simple and traditional values that highlight the true nature of the state. Unlike the other parts of India, wedding in Karnataka is not a glittering or resplendent affair. It, instead, is a simple affair that mostly is concerned with the practice of rituals and traditions. In recital, Kannada marriage resembles the traditional Hindu marriage. However, the customs and traditions observed do differ according to the region they are practiced in. As a matter of act of fact there is not much difference and the rituals are simple. This provides plentiful opportunity to the families to enjoy the occasion.

Nischay Tamulam or Engagement: Once the parents of the prospective bride and the groom agree to the match, the alliance is formalized with a plate of betel leaves and supari.
Nandi: This ceremony is performed a few days prior to the wedding to ensure that the marriage takes place without any hitches/problems. There is a puja with coconut, aarti and a kalash (copper pot). The first invitation card is offered to God.
Havan: On the day of the marriage, a havan is performed in the respective houses of the bride and the groom.
WeddingAttire: In a typical Kannada marriage ceremony, the bride wears ‘Navari Saree’ and green glass bangles along with traditional gold jewelry. The bridegroom wears a dhoti, ‘Angavastram’ and a ‘Pheta’, a turban.
Departure of theGroom’s Party: After bowing to the elders, Gods, Goddesses in the house and taking their blessings, the groom with his wedding party proceeds towards the wedding venue.
Welcoming TheGroom: When the groom and his party reach the wedding venue, the sumangalis or married women from the girl’s side perform an arti. Then these sumangalis lead the bridegroom inside the marriage hall.
Kaashi Yatre:This is a playful ritual with the groom pretending to get angry as nobody is searching for a bride for him and threatens to go to Kashi on a pilgrimage. He carries a walking stick, an umbrella, a fan, a coconut, a small packet of rice and dal, and a dhoti. This is when his maternal uncle convinces him and puts forth him the girl that he has chosen for him or would offer his daughter’s hand for marriage.
Mandap Puja: On the day of marriage the first ritual that is performed is the Mandap Puja. This is to make the mandap or the hall in which the marriage is to take place, appropriate for an event as sacred as a marriage. The bride’s father brings the groom to the mandap and is worshipped in a ceremony called the Var Puja. The bride’s parents honour him by washing his feet and offer him a silk dhoti and pitambar, which are to be worn by him.
Jaimala or the Garlanding Ceremony: The bride is escorted to the mandap by her uncles. An interesting custom followed is that no one is supposed to see the bride’s face. Her sister shields her face with a fan of peacock feathers. The bride and groom stand on the either side of a white cloth, which separates themThe cloth is removed, and the bride and groom garland each other amidst the chanting of mantras.
Dhare Herdu or the Giving Away of the Bride: In Dhare Herdu, the bride’s father gives away the bride to the groom. He takes the groom’s hand and places it on the bride’s hand. The moment when the bride is “handed” over to the groom, her father ceremonially pours water into the groom’s hands called ‘dhara’, signifying that she is now his. Corn/rice is then put into the havan five times, before the 7 pheras or the saptapadi begins.
Saptapadi: The groom’s angavastram and the bride’s pallav is tied with a nuptial knot. The bride follows the groom’s footsteps seven times around the holy fire (saptapadi). Five married women tie the mangalsutra or the holy thread while the bridegroom holds it around the neck of the bride. The couple then bows before the elders, and visits the temple for blessings.
Vidaai: Vidai ceremony marks the tearful farewell of the bride from her paternal home for her husband’s house. The parents of the bride gift her umbrella, vessels, cot etc. to help her set up her new home. In Kannada wedding, the bride is accompanied by her brother who stays at the groom’s house for the night and returns home the next day.

Graha Pravesh:Welcome of the bride into her new home is called ‘Graha Pravesh’. The bride kicks a kalash full of rice with her right foot kept at the threshold of the house. This is followed by the name change ceremony. Here the groom decides a name for his bride he inscribes with a ring on a plate containing rice. On the second day the bride’s family comes to take the newly wedded bride and the groom to their house. The couple stays at the bride’s place for a few days. Later, the groom’s family goes over to his in-laws place to fetch the bride and the groom.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Wishing well in Marriages

A wedding is about two very special people coming together to celebrate their love. Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding day. Nowadays wedding wishing wells are gaining popularity among bridal couples who have often lived together before marrying, or who have been previously married, and do not need any of the traditional wedding gifts. The wedding wishing well is an easy way to accept cash gifts without making either the bride and groom or the guest feel uncomfortable. They are also sometimes found at showers to collect monetary gifts for the guests of honor, as well as wedding wishes or marriage quotes, poems and messages of congratulations. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Tamil Wedding Rituals

Tamilians are very much known for their simplicity and elegance. Even if you talk about their marriage rituals, you will feel that simplicity in their rituals as well. However, it is very important and the biggest event of once life, but still they keep it simple yet beautiful. For the Tamilians, the spiritual symbolism of a wedding is paramount rather than all the pomp and show. Sure, Tamil weddings are filled with lots of fun and light moments as well as they are a big event with distant relatives in attendance, but there for sure will not be any compromise on the actual ceremony. All Tamilians give a lot of priority to their rituals and traditions and pay more attention to conducting each and every ritual in its original form. Here, we’ll explore the beautiful rituals of Tamilian wedding that takes place in Tamil Nadu.
Panda Kaal Muhurtham:  This special ritual is performed a day before the wedding in the bride and groom’s house. Both the families offer their prayers to God for a peaceful and uninterrupted wedding during this special ritual.

Sumangali Prarthanai:  In this ritual, a traditional pooja is conducted and prayers are offered to Sumangalis and the bride-to-be to seek their blessings for a prosperous and blissful married life. This term Sumangali refers to women who are blessed with happy and prosperous married life. All the sumangalis are required to wear a traditional saree or Madisar as it is basic requirement for the pooja.
Pallikai Thellichal: As a part of this ceremony, nine different types of grains along with curd are mixed and filled into seven earthen pots, which are nicely decorated with sandalwood. These pots are later immersed in the water to feed the fishes. This ritual includes feeding the fishes, it is considered very auspicious for the couple and for their future married life.

Nandi Sharardham: In this ritual, the bride and groom and their respective families members pray to their ancestors. Both the families invite the Brahmins for the special feast. They offer fruits, supari, coconut, paan, flowers, sweets and traditional clothes and request Pundits to bless the couples for their prosperous married life.
Lagan Patrika:  After the engagement ceremony, the wedding date is officially announced in front of the guests. The first wedding card is sent to temple and then distributed to other relatives, family members and friends.
Mangal Sanaanam: This ritual is performed on the dawn of the wedding day in the bride and groom’s house respectively. Haldi, Kumkum and some oil is applied on the bride and the groom before they take this holy bath to get ready for the marriage and perform other wedding rituals.
Gauri Pooja: Amongst all different rituals and Tamil wedding customs, this is one ritual which is performed by the Tamil bride on her wedding day. Once the bride is ready after taking the holy bath, she offers special prayers to Goddess Gauri who is considered a symbol of purity.

Pada Pooja: This is another important ritual before actual wedding ceremonies. In this ritual, the bride’s mother washes the feet of groom with water, chandan and kumkum. After completion of this ceremony, the bride is called in the mandap.  

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Bridal Nath

A bride's make-up is certainly incomplete without a perfect nose ring. Nath or the nose ring is an important bridal accessory and almost all brides wear this traditional accessory. As per Hindu culture, it is considered as a way of paying respect to Goddess Parvati. It is a piece of jewellery that represents culture, beauty and most importantly marital symbolic value for South Asian brides. Nath sets the bride apart and completes a woman’s look on her D-day. Moreover, now that the market is full of numerous designs, shapes and what not, nath is certainly not going anywhere from the Indian brides’ ensemble.  

Beach Weddings in Kerala

For many couples a beach is the perfect place to exchange their wedding vows with soft warm sand underfoot and a gorgeous view of the ocean. Beach weddings are extremely popular all the year round because they are the most romantic and relaxing. Wearing a gorgeous flowy wedding dress, kick off your shoes, feel the sand between your toes, enjoy a beautiful sunrise and sunset with your loved ones. How wonderful and romantic it is. Kerala offers some of the best venues where you can organize an intimate beach wedding. Destination Wedding is the latest trend which has evolved in the recent years. Kerala is the perfect location to host a destination wedding with naturally beautiful locations enriched by amazing beaches, hill stations and cultural heritages. You can plan a lot for your destination wedding in Kerala with exotic and breathtaking view of the backwaters, peaceful and serene hill stations, long stretch of white sand beaches and much more.  Get set to enjoy your big day in style by planning a destination wedding in the scenic beauty of the ‘God’s own country’. 
The state is blessed with a number of pristine beaches which are perfect venues for beach weddings. The open skies and the sound of waves in the backdrop set a perfect romantic wedding satire. Kovalam, Varkala, Allepey and Shankmuagam are some of the most popular Beach Wedding destinations in Kerala. Beach wedding in Kerala is fun with the beautiful costal scenes and the sparkling sunny sand lying on the seashores of Kerala. The groom can tie the knot in traditional Kerala style by arriving on an elephant, bride draped in a traditional sari and the wedding feast served on banyan leaves. You can also add extra spice to your Kerala beach wedding with a host of special features. Amidst the lush green palm groves and clam waters, start your journey towards a new life and relationship.

Enjoy a quite wedding with sound of waves in the backdrop at the most popular beach wedding destinations in Kerala. You can opt for either English weddings or Indian style weddings. People have started to prefer Beach weddings these days to bring a drastic change from the traditional weddings. Kerala beach wedding is truly an experience that one can treasure for a lifetime.   

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Wedding Gifts

Gifts form an integral part of Indian weddings. Let's take a look at some unique wedding gift ideas for couples as well as bride and the groom. Indian weddings are known for their pomp and show. Guests are treated as gods and Indian weddings demonstrate it with added charm. In Hindu weddings, gifting forms an integral part of the ceremony. Both guests and hosts exchange gifts, in order to express their joy and gratitude. In a wedding, although the guests either hail from the bride’s side or from the groom’s side, it’s a fair idea to encompass both of them when it comes to the gift. That way one can convey their best wishes for the happy couple and be memorable to them together. The gifts for couples can range from cash amounts, gift vouchers, customized decorative items, watches, perfumes, photo montage, toiletries, furniture, kitchen utensils, home appliances and holiday packages. 

Contemporary Weddings

With modern or Wedding is a fusion of two individuals, two families, two hopes, and infinite dreams for an endless life together. That special day has to be remembered, cherished and enjoyed for the bride and groom and the special guests. The initial planning and arrangements for the wedding starts soon after deciding whether to opt for a traditional wedding or a more contemporarywedding. Weddings are a traditional affair and therefore, most people would never consider having a modern wedding. But both styles of wedding are almost similar to each other, especially with respect to the various wedding ceremonies held during the course of the marriage. The only major difference being that the religious priest is missing in the contemporary style of wedding. Contemporaryweddings are a lot more relaxed in nature and give the freedom to the marrying couple and their families to engage in only those traditions and customs which they like and wish to follow.

Contemporary weddings, you don’t have any real restrictions or limitations. You and your partner can choose every detail including the wedding ceremony venue, theme, vows etc. As contemporary weddings are typically non-religious in nature, they can take place in any location such as a hotel, beach, garden, park or any place that you wish or can afford. A contemporary wedding ceremony can be an event with lots of family and friends, or the couple can choose a simple and intimate civil ceremony. Either of these can be performed by someone who is licensed to conduct a marriage ceremony, such as a Wedding celebrant. Marriage certificate in the case of modern Weddings, the Bride and Groom often write their own vows or include poems, letters or song lyrics. Whatever you decide, just remember that this special day belongs to you and your partner. Event management companies can help you transform your dream day into reality. The event management companies are capable enough to execute your wedding smoothly with their wide range of expertise in the field ensuring only the best is delivered to their clients.   

People have started to hire wedding planners for their weddings to make the day magical and to witness their big day in style and stress free. They want to make sure that the Wedding day is special and matches wedding of their dreams. Weddings can be one of the most overwhelming events you will plan. Excitement quickly turns into great challenge that you just want to be over with. This is where a Wedding Planner comes to the scene. Wedding Planning is a fully flexible, all-inclusive service. The planners take care of everything onsite which simply leaves you to enjoy a fun, relaxed and enjoyable wedding day. Whether you’re planning a traditional or contemporary wedding, always hire an event management company for a wedding eve that people will remember for a while. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Laser Cut Wedding cards

Weddingcards play a vital role in any Kerala wedding. A wedding card can be traditionally designed or have a contemporary design, attractive and colorful. If you’re looking for creative ideas for your wedding invitation, you can choose the most distinctive laser cut wedding invitations that will mesmerize you. Laser cut wedding cards will mesmerize any guest with the shapes and details that you can only achieve through this method. The delicate laser cut designs are meant to impress. There are a wide range of varieties and designs of wedding cards to choose from. Always remember to choose a wedding card according to the theme of your wedding.

Digital Transformation in the Event Industry

Most people nowadays prefer to hire eventmanagement companies to organize events. However, most of them might not be sure what it entails, or how exactly it could benefit you. Since, organizing an event is a complex and responsibility-laden process; it requires a huge amount of administration, attention to every detail and time management. The biggest hurdle is to create a lasting impression on the event guests. Outsourcing your event to an event management company will definitely make your event memorable and stand out from the rest. This is the best way to save money and experience a stress free event. With the skills and experience of the event managementteam, you are sure that you will have a successful event.

Digitalization is predominantly spreading throughout Event Industry. Digital technologies have started to take over the traditional event sector, creating the need for further development. The inception of digital technologies helped the event organizers in the event preparation process. The greatest advantages the digital event preparations has to offer is the additional event information that the digital world can offer, networking opportunities and most importantly online ticketing. The event organizers want to continue expanding their digital event management solutions in the future. The digital transformation in the event industry has resulted in increased guests satisfaction levels, proper time management, budgeting and overall organization of the event.

The number of event management companies in the city has increased intensively in the recent past. The major benefits of hiring an event management company to handle your auspicious occasion is that the entire team will be filled with fully energetic youth with out of the box ideas and professionals with years of expertise in event management sector to enlighten your big day. The digital event management solutions will help the clients to make their dream event a reality with ease. Enjoy stress free events organized by event management professionals within limited budget and proper time management by utilizing the digital innovations in the event management sector.