Saturday, January 16, 2016


Marriage, the way God planned it to be, is a true art form, a wedding is one of the most precious day in a couples lives. Every bride and groom have their own wishes and dreams about their wedding. So mostly now a days we preferred an event management group for fulfilling our dreams come true. They help us to choose the venue, decorations, the theme of our wedding and perfect catering. So our job becomes simple and tensionless. Choosing an appropriate wedding venue is the first part of the wedding preparations, this is one of the crucial parts of a wedding, and here only the dream of every boy and girl come true, so they have some ideas about their wedding venue like a heaven. The main thing is that we need to focus when we chose a wedding venue is it depends upon the estimated number of guests that we expect for our wedding. 

Then only we can arrange the siting placements for the wedding venue, in India we are choosing the wedding venue as most commonly the marriage halls, Pandals, banquet halls. Depends upon the budget and climatic conditions we all choose the outdoor and indoor venues. The next important fact in wedding planning is the decorations and theme, selecting, wedding is not a simple event; it is a lifetime event for all brides and grooms. We all expect that our wedding day become the most beautiful day in our life. So we all are trying to celebrate in a way that which remembered for a long time, for that nowadays we all are focusing on the theme wedding concept. 

This is one of the new trends in India. The major point that all our guests concentrate on our wedding is the great food, serving at the wedding time. When we all think about weddings, first in our mind comes about the food isn’t? In Kerala most Hindus weddings serve delicious sadhya with two types of Payasam for their marriage. Wedding and food are linked each other, if we serve good food in wedding means most of the guests tell like the wedding is fantastic!, so the role of the catering service in the wedding is highly important.

Friday, January 8, 2016

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hindu Engagement Ceremony

According to Hindu traditions, the engagement ceremony is done a few months before the marriage. This ceremony is a formal announcement of the impending marriage and the start of the planning for the big event..