Friday, April 27, 2018

Wedding dress pattern for Grooms

In every Indian big fat wedding bride steals the show with their elegant and sparkling bridal attire. The brides wear one of the most unique and latest wedding dresses. Why should the grooms stay back? The groom should stand out as the man of the day. The wedding dresses for the groom should not be brought in a hurry. Even though there are only few options for men’s fashion when compared to women, decide from the available selections. Even the most expensive groom dress will not work its magic if the groom’s appearance is not up to the mark. Let’s quickly find out some of the stylish dress patterns for grooms.

Sherwani is definitely the first choice of dress for every Indian groom. It usually comes in different variety of designs and patterns and best suits with a traditional, embroidered shoe.

Jodhpuri Suit is the traditional Indian version of the western suit. It comprises of an embroidered coat, a shirt and trousers.

Rich embroidered kurta with loose fitting pyjamas coupled up with a stole is definitely a great way to go about the wedding rituals with ease and comfort.

For people who prefer a bit traditional outfit Indian dhoti is a great way to connect with their roots. Dhoti and Kurta look very elegant but one need to be very graceful while handling and moving around in it.

If it is an evening wedding nothing can match the beauty and charm of an Evening coat. The perfectly tailored black suit, white crisp shirt, a formal tie, snug fitting trousers and impeccably polished boots can unnerve any bride during the ceremony itself.

Black tie ensemble will look exceptional for evening wedding and for the reception later. Just a simple change of coat or tie will do the trick. Great option when one is on a budget.
7) Tuxedo

Tuxedos are becoming increasingly popular as groom’s wedding attire. They look classic and stylish and make him feel at ease during the ceremony. Just make sure that it gels well with the Bride’s attire

Whether your wedding is in the morning, afternoon or evening, dinner jackets do the trick all times of the day.

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