Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Bollywood Theme Party

Are you planning for an amazing theme party, but are running out of party theme ideas? Then you should consider a fun filled Bollywood theme party. If you are a movie buff, Bollywood theme party is just for you. It is one of the most interesting themes for any kind of parties. Bollywood’s growing popularity has created a fascination with Indian culture and made the Bollywood theme one of the most fashionable party choices. There are many filmi ways in which you can make your Theme party a visual treat to the invited guests.  Movies, music, dance, masti, hungama will be the highlight of a Bollywood theme party that will definitely make the day special. The sizzling and glittering decorations can turn the party hall into an extravagant movie set.

The livelihood of any theme party will depend on the preparations and thoughtfulness in planning the event. There are plenty of options when planning a Bollywood Theme Party with colorful and vibrant designs, furniture and props to recreate the real essence of Bollywood. You will find all the Indian themed decorations fitting the Bollywood colour palette and style. The hot pink and burnt orange colour combination associated with Bollywood has become the highlight of the decor for Bollywood Themed Parties. Bollywoodthemes can be included in summer parties, birthday parties and even weddings as it creates a sparkling environment and plenty of opportunities for the invited guests to dress like Bollywood characters with colorful Indian dresses and enjoy dance and music in the traditional Bollywood-style décor. A touch of Bollywood in the music selection for the party is inevitable. Since, the theme for the party is ‘Bollywood’ your guests can choose to come in any glamorous outfits. But fixing a dress code will definitely help in bringing the party alive. The guest couples can reach the party dressed as Bollywood’s hit pairs like Shahrukh Khan & Kajol, Aamir Khan & Juhi Chawla, Saif Ali Khan & Kareena, Madhuri Dikshit & Anil Kapoor and so on. 

An instant Bollywood themed environment is created as guests step into the party venue. Bollywood themed décor with bright props and rooms filled with rich colors will leave the guests with excitement. The décor for Bollywood theme parties are dreamy, vibrant, relaxing and colorful. The mixture of traditional Bollywood elements and personal touches makes the party so exciting. The party area will have plenty of sparkle and vibrant colors, with alluring seating area embellished with floor pillows and colorful outfits on guests.  Movie tunes will be played in the background. Huge amount of decoration is not required for a Bollywood theme party. But, the party decorations will easily convey glamour and stardom. 

Red carpets will be spread all over from the entrance to bring out the real Bollywood essence. The walls will be filled with celebrity posters and guests dressed in their favorite celebrity costumes. There will be a variety of games and activities arranged in connection with the theme of the party. For a successful Bollywood theme party, the planning, decor, food and the dress code should go with the core idea of the theme i.e. Bollywood.

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