Friday, June 20, 2014

Ten Thing you Need To Do When Venue Searching - Fonix Events

1. Firstly the most important thing would be to freeze on the budget once you finalize the guest list. It narrows down your options to a few venues which fit the bill.
2. You must visit each of the wedding venues to understand them better.
3. Understand the layout, seating capacity and the various styles of seating; especially if you want to seat all guests. Usually theatre style seating seats more people than a round table seating.
4. Understand the time slots and charges for extra hour. For example, your function may be an evening function, but before booking you will have to check if the place is booked for a function on the same day in the morning. In that case if you have an elaborate décor plan, it may get difficult to set up the place in two hours time. Depending on the duration of your function, you may even have to book the place for the entire day by renting both slots.
5. Check on the changing rooms. Make sure they have full length mirrors, good lighting, air-conditioning, clean washrooms attached to the changing room and a couch to seat a few friends.
6. Enquire about any monopoly for décor or food or if there is a panel. In case you want to use a particular caterer or wedding planner who is not on the panel, find out if there is a way to get your team on board.
7. Check on sound restrictions, especially if you are planning an outdoor reception.
8. Check on available parking space. In case you feel that the space is insufficient, locate the nearest parking lot and brief your valet staff to direct guests to the parking lot.
9. Check on the condition of the guest washroom and see if you need to add on any supplies such as tissues, hand sanitizers etc to make your guests more comfortable. Also check if you need to add on more housekeeping staff.
10. You need to procure day licenses to be able to serve alcohol and for playing music too. These would vary from venue to venue.

Well keep this in mind and find the venue that suits you!

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